April 19, 2014

Q is for the Question #atozchallenge

My A-Z theme = hand-written writing practices. 

No prompt. Just a poem I wrote when I thought I might've been pregnant.

Spoiler: The answer is nope!

April 18, 2014

P is for Place #atozchallenge

My A-Z theme = hand-written writing practices. 

From Julia Cameron's "Right to Write". Take in what is around you and just go.

April 17, 2014

O is for Object Observations #atozchallenge

My A-Z theme = hand-written writing practices. 

Okay. I'm going to be honest. I can't remember if this one is from Julia or Natalie. 

I just remember the idea was to take a look around where you are, pick three objects, and use them as prompts for stream-of-consciousness writing.

April 16, 2014

N is for Nineteen #atozchallenge

My A-Z theme = hand-written writing practices. 

From Julia Cameron's "Right to Write". I think she wanted me to write 50 things that make me happy, but I just did 19.

April 15, 2014

M is for My Writing Rules #atozchallenge

My A-Z theme = hand-written writing practices.

This one came from Terri Windling, who asked, "If you were to list your tens "dos and don'ts" for writing, what would they be?" I illustrated mine to make it extra A-Z special (also it appears here uncensored):

my writing rules (for myself)

1. write the project that fucking excites you. not the one that simply sounds deep and/or important. yes, that one about werewolves. write that one. and the other ones like it. it doesn't matter if everyone and their mother has written a werewolf book. this is the exciting one, so go on. run with the werewolves.

2. don't forget that the moment you sit down to write, you will notice how dirty the house is. nevermind that you're not one for epic cleaning, nevermind that it has looked this way pretty much since you moved in. the dust in the window corners and the oil splatter on the stove will beckon you like sexy sirens. don't listen. don't clean for god's sake when you should be writing. just get started and soon enough, they'll stop singing.

3. you will think that it sucks. you will think that the writing is so horrible that it deserves to be drop-kicked into a crocodile filled swamp, then lit on fire. push on.

4. do make delicious cups of coffee and teas while writing. they help. (beware of the temptation to clean stove while preparing said cups).

5. if stuck, listen to "of monsters & men" or whatever else feels like the story. then get back to it.

6. if really stuck, take a walk. this is great because you have recluse-like tendencies and often, the mere idea of going out is enough to get you back writing.

7. stop looking at your nails. don't you dare grab a nail file or polish or whatever else you're thinking they need. they looked like hell yesterday and the day before and you were fine. keep writing.

8. your mother *will* call when you are writing. this is because your mother has raquel-is-writing-radar. it's not her fault. it's your fault somehow because you will use it as an excuse to not write. just don't answer. better to turn the phone off beforehand. (just don't forget to turn it back on afterwards or said mother will freak in a few days' time).

9. it's okay if you think your characters are funny. look, neil gaiman for god's sake said to laugh at your own jokes, so it must be okay, so don't feel like an asshole every time you think you've written something funny.

10. don't feel too smug once you've been productive. too much smug means you won't feel it necessary to return to writing again tomorrow, or somehow you'll think you're now the Perfect Writer and can withstand a little kitchen cleaning or phone calling during writing time. no. you can't. shrug off the smug. do it all again tomorrow.