July 27, 2014

so i've been adventuring in the far north

my days have been filled with readings, writings, discussions, prancing in forests with snow birds.

and stuffing my brain with as much information as it can take. which is a lot more than i originally thought. ha. there's a pun in there somewhere but i'm too tired to extract it.

and i'm back again. in florida, where i need to acclimate to the curtain-thick humidity and the necessity of sunglasses anytime i step outside or just generally look out a window.

i've been ordering journals, books, pens, pen refills, and one fabulous aluminum ring that is symbolic of all that is wild and free inside me.

you see, one week before this trip, i woke up shaking and crying from a dream. i woke husband and begged him to help me not go. to work it out another way, somehow. 

i didn't know how i could do it alone.

but i pushed on. i journaled my freaking hand off. and the words of wisdom returned:

go. go on this wild, soulful adventure. you will return. safely. you will not regret it.

and so it is.

much more later. for now, i am ruminating in all the flavors i've picked up the last few weeks.

thank you all, dear readers, for your patience.


  1. 'my days have been filled with readings, writings, discussions, prancing in forests with snow birds.' That sounds blissful. I am so very glad that you took your courage in both hands and went ahead.

    1. Thank you, Sue. It was very difficult at times, but I learned some techniques that helped immensely. Hmm, that gives me a blog post idea.... :D

  2. Hi Raquel! Wow it sounds very exciting and adventurous. You look great in your pic!
    Kassi x

    1. Thanks so much Kassi! I hope all is well with you and I will be able to email you soonly ;)

  3. This is my second try at commenting - blogger kicked me off again last time. It seems to be an ongoing issue :/ but anyway!

    I'm excited for you, happy, envious ( I long to visit Alaska) I long to hear about it all, but I know such experiences take time to sink down through the body and process.

    I know just how scary it can be to take an adventure on your own. You were brave to go, feeling scared like that! And what a leap, and what a wonderful experience it has been.

    I hope the rest of your MA proves to be as exciting!

    1. Birdie, I've been having the same problem with leaving posts on Blogger. What I've had to do, which is annoying and stupid, is to try to remember to copy my whole comment before hitting post, that way I can just paste it and try again if it doesn't work. Of course, I rarely remember to do this, so I have to rewrite it and it's such a pain overall. Hope Blogger gets their act together.. of all the blogging areas, it's my favorite aesthetically, but there are definite weaknesses that just totally suck.

      I'll be writing more about the trip soon, but as you said, the processing is taking a while. It was a full 2 weeks of serious ingesting, intellectually and emotionally speaking. Of course, delicious fish as well ;)

      Thank you for your wonderful compliments. I cried nearly the whole way and the first few days and throughout, but I dried my tears and went ahead. I am proud of myself, though my IC is quick to remind me of all the moments I messed up or sounded stupid, as per usual, but! I'm excited for my ring to arrive so I can share with you all how significant this leap was.

      Sending you lots of love!!


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